CyberTools - A Learning Platform for Cyber Security Professionals HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XAMPP, MySQL Laura Chudzio
Reverse Engineering an Automotive OEM protocol over a CAN Bus PEAK System, PCAN Basic, Canon SDK, Visual Studio 2022, QT Creator, QT Designer, PCAN USB to CAN Bus Connector Gary Morrissey
Auto OSINT JavaScript, CSS, HTML Liam Moore
Unified Vulnerability Scanning Engine and Management System Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Nmap, OpenVAS, OWASP ZAP Andrew Gilbey
Ignis, An AI-Powered Vulnerability Management Assistant Python, GPT 3.5 Turbo, langChain, Pycharm, Nessus Essentials, Nmap, Zap, ChromaDB Khairul Syahrean
Asset Identification and Risk Assessment for SME's Python, PyQt, Python Libraries eg. XMLtoJSON ,NVD API, Digital Ocean, Nmap Andrew Skelly
Eirguard - Governance and Compliance App Swift, SwiftUI, Postgresql - Supabase Peter O'Hare
CipherCraft - Learning Platform for Cryptography Python, Flask, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL Josh Casey
Incident Monitoring Tool Java, PHP, MITRE's API & Tactics and Techniques, Eclipse, Mark Doyle
PhishGuardian - Web Based Learning Tool for Older Adults HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL Robert Stynes
Handheld Pen Testing Tool Python, Wireshark, VNC, Raspberry Pi Shane Kelly
Security Testing of Infrastructure as Code Python, YAML, HTML, CI/CD Pipelines, AWS Architecture, EC2, VPC Syed Zarrar Shah
CyberSecurity Escape Room Game C#, C++, Unity Adam Wynne
Home Network Security Analyzer Python, Flask, NVD, JSON, HTML, CSS Matthew Kavanagh
Implementing Runtime Security Monitoring for AWS Container Clusters AWS, ECS, Security Monitoring, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Lambda David Williams
App Network Insight Android OS, iOS, Kali OS, Wireshark & Nmap Lauren Kelly
AI manipulation: Investigating AI-assisted Cybersecurity Attacks. Phyton, Pycharm, NMAP, Bloodhund (sharphound), Powerview, OpenAi API , CVE API, PyQt5, QyQT- designer. John Brennan
Harpocrates - Secure P2P Chat Python, Crypto, Sockets Lydan J. D Souza