From pixels to plastics

a 4th year project by Alisa Altane

My Final Year Project revolves around the creation and 3D modeling of a unique and mysterious character, Feodora, along with her background story. This project encompasses the detailed creation of Feodora's character, followed by the process of 3D modeling and printing her physical representation.

3D Printing

Web Development

3D Modeling

Writing a background story

Feodora's creation

3D Character

live demo

Explore the statue of the greatest Feodora in an interactive 3D viewer.



In order to have a safe and successful print, I have decided to print some parts of the scene separately, to avoid any unexpected technical issues during the printing process.


Feodora, a mystical creature blessed by a deity known as the God of Compassion and Redemption, possessed the unique ability to alleviate the pain of fallen souls and provide them eternal peace. This divine gift bestowed upon her by the compassionate God earned her the admiration and prayers of people who sought solace for their departed loved ones. As she arrived at gravesites, a solemn connection unfolded between her and the deceased, allowing her to empathize with their life experiences and absorb their pain through tears that acted as conduits of release. The local witch, Morrina, harbored a deep-seated envy for Feodora's extraordinary power and the profound impact she had on the souls she helped. The God of Compassion and Redemption had chosen Feodora to be a vessel of mercy, granting her the ability to bring solace to the departed. Morrina, however, craved this divine favor for herself, desiring the power to control and manipulate souls for her own gain. Morrina's jealousy grew into a dark obsession, leading her to concoct a sinister conspiracy against Feodora. She spread false rumors, turning the community against the benevolent creature. Morrina, a witch with a heart tainted by envy and a thirst for forbidden powers, sought to discredit and eliminate Feodora to seize the divine ability for herself. In a tragic turn of events, Morrina successfully trapped Feodora within a desecrated cemetery, where she exposed the extent of her cruelty. The witch unearthed the graves that Feodora had once restored, placed the corpses in a macabre display, and reveled in their suffering while taunting Feodora. Finally, Morrina burned Feodora along with the souls she had helped, sealing their fate in a horrific blaze. The exact location of this dark event remains shrouded in mystery, a testament to the secrecy and darkness that surrounded Morrina's malevolent actions. The story of Feodora, the God of Compassion and Redemption, and the envious witch Morrina weaves a tale of divine gifts, envy, and betrayal, leaving a lingering sense of tragedy and loss.