Syrian Memories

Syrian Memories is a website designed as a digital archive to capture and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Syria through curated podcasts and interviews. Focused on personal experiences, the platform seeks out existing online content where individuals share their cherished memories and stories related to Syria.

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Project Information

The Syrian Memories platform was conceived to showcase and honor Syria's cultural diversity through a bilingual interface. Designed to transcend language barriers, it features stories in both Arabic and English. Extensive wireframes and mockups guided its user-friendly design, while community engagement and thorough research enriched the site with a broad spectrum of Syrian narratives. Emphasizing accessibility, I iterated the design based on beta tester feedback to optimize the user experience.


The website uses Javascript, for animations and playing audio on play, among other many handy features.


The entire website has been made by HTML and styled with CSS, to give a more personalised experience.


The visuals on the website were entirely created on Photoshop, creating a unique experience for each story.

Project Process

The creation of Syrian Memories involved thorough planning and the goal to create a bilingual platform to share Syrian cultural stories. Emphasizing accessibility with content in Arabic and English, the project started with mockups and wireframes, followed by extensive data collection throughinterviews and community engagement. The content was curated to authentically represent Syrian culture, with ongoing design improvements based on user feedback to ensure an intuitive and accessible experience.

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Abeer Abouhajar

Abeer Abouhajar

Interactive Digital Art and Design at Setu Carlow