About my final year project

My project is a top down shooter game. It is themed around a fantasy, monsters and magic. I created all assets for the game in Photoshop, along with Illustrator to create UI.
The game was coded in unity with my newfound skill of C#

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Watch a quick trailer for my game

Creations and Goals

Activities i'm most proud of this year is my 3D Models made in MAYA.
After I created models and learned this skill I have realised my biggest goal is to secure a job in the Game or Website industry, creating 3D props and enviroments
My biggest improvements this year was my Art, Design and Coding please take a look at some samples of work I have created this year

Final Year Game Code

Below is a link to my Github Repository where the code for my Final year project is.

Github Link

Contact Information

My name is Ben Williamson
Student No. : C00252011
Please phone me at :
089 414 7097
Please email me at :

Available for any work